The Best Catches in a Day of Costa Rica Fishing

A decision to fish on your Costa Rica vacation is one you won’t regret. When choosing the best fishing charter in Quepos, an angler has everything he or she needs for the very best sportfishing. Our weather is predictable, and our seas are calm. These facts allow you to be confident about your excursion. But, wait, what about the fish?

You’re in luck there, too! That’s because we’ve got an abundant supply of large and small fish of several kinds. In fact, Marlin Magazine reported teams competing in the 2014 and 2015 Offshore World Championship tournaments held in Quepos released almost 5,600 billfish in only eight days of fishing! And, the best part is you don’t have to travel far to find them. You can score many catches as close as 20 miles offshore, giving you more time to spend Costa Rica fishing and less time searching for the bite. So, let’s get to know the fish you may catch while here…

6 Catches You Can Make When Costa Rica Fishing

Anglers of all levels will be hard-pressed to find more exciting and worthwhile sportfishing than that found in the waters of Quepos. Try your hand with these six fish for a Costa Rica fishing trip of a lifetime.

  1. Marlin.

This is the fish for any angler looking for a challenge. If you subscribe to “go big or go home,” then you’ll want to look for the blue or black variety, which can weigh up to 600 pounds. Your best bet is to visit Quepos in the summer months, when these billfish can be found in greater quantity. Yet, know that the smaller striped marlin stay year round and will put up a fight, too. After all, they weigh around 250 pounds themselves!

  1. Yellow Fin Tuna.

Looking for an easy, delicious meal? Then look no further than the yellow fin tuna. You may find one weighing in at 100 pounds or more, but most catches are football size. Still, don’t let their 10-20 pound weight fool you. They’re feisty…and tasty!


Any time of the year is great to find this schooling fish. But, Costa Rica’s green season, our least traveled time of the year, is when you’ll find them most abundant. Another reason the season is our best kept secret.

  1. Dorado.

You may know this fish better as “mahi mahi.” And, it’s another great meal found year-round in Quepos, Costa Rica. You can catch smaller dorado, around 10 pounds, inshore during the rainy season, or green season. The larger of its species, around 30 pounds and even up to 50 pounds or more, will be offshore. And, though dorado don’t grow as big as our previous two fish, know that they will challenge you as much as the others. After all, in Hawaii, mahi mahi means “very strong,” so bring your “A-game.”

  1. Sailfish.

Another billfish, the sailfish, is the one you want your picture with. This fish, the fastest in our waters, has two distinct features. One is its extended bill, which resembles that of the swordfish. The other is its dorsal fin, which stands straight up and almost stretches the length of its back and can be brilliant in color. The average catch of 100 pounds is scored year-round, though you’ll find more of them in our summer months.

  1. Wahoo.

Like the sailfish, the wahoo is also super fast. And like the tuna and dorado, it makes a delicious meal – if not, the best meal. So, if you’re an angler who likes to work hard for your food, the wahoo makes a great catch when Costa Rica fishing. You’ll often spot one swimming alone or with another wahoo or two. They’re another ideal green season hunt and won’t break your back, weighing in around 30 pounds. That is, until they take you on one of their infamous screaming runs!

  1. Rooster Fish.

The rooster fish, known to be elusive, can be hard to catch. Yet, anglers won’t have a better chance than that in Quepos, Costa Rica. The fish is also known for its “rooster comb,” seven spines that make up its dorsal fin. And, this can be easy to spot inshore, where it stays for food. The challenge doesn’t come from its size, since the rooster fish weighs in at an average 25 pounds. It comes from its fight, which may be the biggest you’ve faced yet. So, hold onto your reels as you check this one off your bucket list!

At Top Notch Fishing Charters, we know how and where to find the catches you desire. Contact us to discuss your Quepos, Costa Rica, fishing trip, and together, let’s land the catch of a lifetime!