How to Celebrate Costa Rica’s Independence Day

A wise man once said, “Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” When you consider these words, among many other reasons, it’s clear why Costa Rica sportfishing is such a beloved activity for people worldwide.

Fishing gives time to live simple, or “pura vida,” as you’ll often hear us say. After all, that is our goal every day. We live purely, and we don’t take for granted the freedom our forefathers achieved for us so long ago. It’s for that reason we celebrate Costa Rica’s Independence Day every year on September 15th.

A Look at Costa Rica’s Independence Day

This day marks the occasion in the year 1821 that Guatemalan leaders declared independence from Spain, whose people had reigned Central America since the 1500s. This freedom was for its own country, as well as for its neighbors – El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. And so, the day also marks the time when Costa Rica begin to make its own future to become the simple home, yet exciting destination, it is today.

The observance of Costa Rica’s Independence Day embodies these things. It’s a huge celebration done in the simplest ways possible. And, in keeping in the spirit of freedom, there’s something for everyone. This, of course, includes anglers!

The Best Ways to Celebrate Costa Rica’s Independence Day

Learn how, with the following activities, you can live ‘pura vida’ like our locals and help celebrate this important day. We’ve laid them out in an angler’s state of mind to help make your Costa Rica vacation that much richer.  

On Land.

Take to the streets on September 14th to witness the Freedom Torch make its way to Costa Rica. Demonstrations will occur in downtown Quepos to represent the relay runners who carry the torch throughout Central America via our country’s former capital, Cartago, is its final stop by way of Nicaragua. You’ll know our country pride when we join together in the National Anthem, an age-old tradition. And, you’ll see the joy of our children, as they wear costumes and carry lanterns in their own parades in area towns, followed by firework displays.

The next morning, we’ll gather in the streets again for a grander parade to commemorate the true holiday. For example, in Quepos, Costa Rica, where Top Notch Fishing Charters is, marching bands and decorative floats will fill the roadways. Parade-goers can also enjoy local cuisine, since street vendors will offer tamales, rice, beans and tres leches cake. Yet, the event doesn’t end there. Families will stay to party in the streets with music, dancing and more for as long as their feet will let them.  The Marina Pez Vela will also have a live salsa band for dancing through the night under the stars, or the rain!

At Sea.

What better time to fish and “return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers” than on Independence Day? It is truly the perfect time to take to sea, where you escape the party for the sound of the ocean. It’s where you become one with nature, relishing the sights of our crystal blue water and the surrounding lush rainforest. It’s the thrill when you feel the pull of the line and land a delicious dinner or the catch of a lifetime.  

Yet, the truth is all these benefits can be realized year-round in Costa Rica. You can always count on an abundance of billfish, among other varieties. And, you can cast off from the marina with confidence in our weather and seas. This makes any day a good day to find freedom and simple living with Costa Rica sportfishing.

The team at Top Notch Fishing Charters wants to help you find freedom, simple living and, of course, a great catch on our waters. Contact us to plan the best Costa Rica sportfishing and vacation.