The Top Notch Costa Rica was born from a dream of continuing to fish and have fun year-round from East Coast to West Coast. After being completing re-fitted in 2008, Captain Pat Curry and his fishing and business partner embarked upon the journey of sending the Top Notch II to Costa Rica, where it would begin to charter fish out of Quepos. As one of the first boats in the Marina Pez Vela, this custom Viking has made a name for itself since it first arrived in 2010. Since calling Costa Rica home, the Top Notch Costa Rica has has enjoyed many days of incredible fishing, making new friends and growing the Top Notch family and crew, which travels on the US-based Top Notch and the Costa Rica based Top Notch, between Ocean City, Palm Beach, The Bahamas, Costa Rica and Panama in search of the best bite (and a good time!).

Pat Curry


Captain Pat Curry has been fishing the shores from Atlantic City to Cape May for over 30 years. He built the first of 4 of his Viking Yachts in 1994 and began tuna fishing in the Mid-Atlantic Canyons. A few years later, he discovered his love for bill fishing, and started fishing for white and blue marlin. Late, at the turn of the century, Pat began fishing South Florida and the Bahamas as well as the Dominican Republic. In 2005, Pat decided to take his love for adventure to Quepos, Costa Rica, and it was there that he decided to invest in the Marina Pez Vela. In 2008, he partnered with Dr. Bonner and together they purchased and re-built their custom 45’ Viking, the Top Notch Costa Rica, and sent it down to Costa Rica, where it has become one of Quepos’ premiere charter boats.

Carlos Picado


Mate Carlos Picado has loved fishing since he was a small child. He grew up fishing the waters of Quepos with his family and learning how to navigate the waters in search of the best bite. He met Captain Pat in 2010 and since then has been mating with the Top Notch and has become an important part of the Top Notch family. Carlos lives in Quepos, but travels with the US/Bahamas-based Top Notch when it goes on it’s adventures, although his baby is the Top Notch Costa Rica, where he has become an integral part of making sure Top Notch clients and friends have an incredible time fishing. Carlos’ keen eye for spotting fish in advance of anyone else, and knowing how to mesh with every angler that comes on board, makes him a unique asset to the Top Notch fishing experience.

  • 45’ Custom Viking
  • 2 Staterooms / 2 Heads
  • Full Galley
  • Mezzanine Seating
  • Twin Cat C-9 Engines
  • 3 Cruise Air A/C Units
  • 2016 Shimano Simrad Electronics
  • Krystal Electric Rods
  • VICOM VHF Radios
  • Life Raft
  • Twin Engine