Manuel Antonio- Quepos Costa Rica’s Gem

Manuel Antonio- Quepos Costa Rica’s Gem

Manuel Antonio- Quepos Costa Rica’s Gem

Manuel Antonio- Quepos Costa Rica’s Gem

Manuel Antonio- Quepos Costa Rica’s Gem

Manuel Antonio- Quepos Costa Rica’s Gem

NEF winner Health & Happiness Criteria

More than a quarter of territory is protected area

Mix of hydro,wind & geothermal energy

First Class Villas, Condos & Hotels

The Manuel Antonio-Quepos area is full of unique and first class villas, condos and hotel options for your perfect accommodations during your fishing vacation to Costa Rica. Complete with a range of luxury villas, medium-range and budget-options, we will work with you to make sure you have the lodging option to suit your group. As experienced accommodations providers, we can cater to any request or budget, and are on-hand to work with you to customize your Costa Rica fishing experience.

Make The Most of Your Costa Rica Vacation Adventure.

  • Where is Quepos?

    Quepos / Manuel Antonio is on the central Pacific (west) coast of Costa Rica (CR).
    The Republic of Costa Rica lies between the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, to the immediate north of Panama and south of Nicaragua in Central America.

  • What is the best airport to fly into?

    The best airport to fly into for a visit to Quepos is the San Jose International Airport. From the San Jose airport, Quepos is a 2.5 hr. drive on an easy toll highway, or a 20-minute flight.

  • How can I get from San Jose to Quepos?

    You can either drive (2.5 hours) or fly (20 minutes). Speak with our vacation planner for complete information and the best options based on your international arrival/departure times.

  • Documentation?

    You’ll need a US passport for travel to CR, requiring passage through immigration and customs when entering the country, and re-entering your country of origin. Most airlines provide your official immigration and customs declarations forms. There are no requirements for immunizations prior to Costa Rica travel at this time.

  • Money?

    You should have no need to convert funds from US to CR funds (dollars to “colones”).
    US dollars are accepted most everywhere throughout the area, as are VISA and MasterCard debit and credit cards. The number of merchants and establishments accepting American Express cards is more limited. So as not to trigger abnormal spending patterns and denied charges, seasoned travelers advise notifying your credit card companies of upcoming travel plans. Many merchants will be reluctant to change larger US bills (50s, 100s and larger), and you may receive change for your US dollar purchases in local currency (approx. exchange rate: 1 dollar to 500 colones). ATM machines are readily available for withdrawal of US funds, with service fees very similar to those of US ATM’s.

  • What is the best time to fish?

    Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica is good year-round. Based on the type of fish you want to catch, you may plan to come at different times of the year. See our Species Calendar for complete information.

  • What is the weather like in Quepos?

    Quepos-Manuel Antonio is located on the Pacific Coast and is surrounded by rainforest and beaches. As such it is humid and warm year-round. The average temperature from Dec-Mar is about 90 degrees during the day and 80 degrees at night. It cools down from April- November during the rainy months and averages temperatures of 80 degrees during the day and 75 degrees at night.

  • Accommodations?

    You’ll discover as wide a range of comfortable lodging here as you would expect near any vacation resort area. Moderately priced motels and luxury hotels are abundant throughout the hillsides of Manuel Antonio, as well as 5-star quality villa and condo rentals, hostels and limited camping facilities. As with every aspect of your trip, we’re pleased to arrange lodgings suitable to your comfort and budget needs.

  • Local Culture?

    Costa Rica embraces international tourism and visitors. The natives are generally friendly, warm and welcoming. Spanish is the native language, though you will encounter English-speaking locals everywhere. The country is a favorite vacation and adventure travel destination for visitors from around the world, and a particular favorite of North Americans. The resort atmosphere of Quepos and Manuel Antonio inspires an even greater festive attitude among the locals and visitors to this wonderful part of the world. Internet service is readily available at many establishments. Your wireless phone provider may offer service here. Contact them before leaving the US. Phone calls out of the country will carry usual international rates.

  • Food & Dining?

    As is the case with lodging, you’ll find great restaurants and cafes everywhere in
    Quepos / Manuel Antonio. Although we encourage your enjoyment of native cuisine — especially our seafood and native fruits — menu choices range from the exotic to everything you’re used to, including delicious steaks, Italian, Asian, pizza and great burgers & fries. The region is a major agricultural producer of beef cattle, rice and all assortments of fresh produce, year-round. Almost all restaurants in the region are open-air style dining, though covered from the elements.

  • What To Pack?

    Loose, casual and comfortable summer wear would be the best advice to North Americans.
    A single pair of trousers and light sweater should suffice for even the coolest nights. You’ll seldom feel out of place in “evening wear” of shorts, sandals and polo shirt. Lightweight long-sleeve shirts are recommended for extended outdoor activities, as well as appropriate sunny-weather headwear. Be sure to include your sandals and your most comfortable walking shoes. Cameras are of course a must, binoculars another solid suggestion. Be sure to pack your favorite sunscreen products . . . most of which are also available here.

  • What are must-see’s while in the area?

    • Kayak Tours
    • Surfing & Surfing Lessons
    • Ladies-Only Spa Days
    • Manuel Antonio Park Tours
    • Scuba Diving / Snorkeling
    • Horseback Riding

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